Episode 4: Solar Eclipse, Hurricanes, iPhones and Conspiracy theories!

By October 3, 2017Podcast

Nick and Tom officially wrap up Summer with part II of their recap of the biggest news stories of the season. Tom pokes fun of Nick for wasting a vacation day to watch the solar eclipse. Nick meets some sketchy guy in a parking lot to buy last-minute eclipse glasses – complete with a 500% price markup. Nick and Tom describe some of their worst experiences on the job thanks to a listener email, and Tom’s dad rides out a hurricane in Florida.

To wrap up the show, Nick and Tom dig deep into consipracy theories surrounding some of these big stories and also raise some deep questions surrounding human behavior and the current state of ‘shock TV’. Did NASA fake the eclipse just to raise money by selling the unknowing public some sunglasses? Is global warming to blame for these CAT 4, CAT 5 hurricanes, or is it something more sinister – Google patents show weather modification systems are and have been in someone’s power for decades. Shock TV forcing news stations to report hurricane coverage – is crash TV really worth the risk for higher ratings? Apple’s new iPhones: just building a facial recognition database? Were our fingerprints not enough? What are humans willing to give up in terms of privacy for the convenience of new technology? In most cases, the answer is everything. Is Roomba really just a creepy robot mapping out the interior of people’s houses?

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